An interview with CSI’s Product Development Manager

An Interview with CSI’s Product Development Manager, Part One

On August 12th, we sat down with Dan McGrail, CSI’s Product Development Manager, and asked these key questions that we thought you’d find intriguing.

Q: What are the various recording methods Virtual Observer uses to harvest audio?
A: Virtual Observer can record audio by using an Analog Service Observe line, a Digital Extension Tap, a Trunk Tap and of course our latest method which is a packet sniffer in a VoIP Environment.

Q: Can you still use Analog Service Observe when running in a VoIP environment?
A: Yes, in most cases the switch will support backward compatibility of an Analog Service Observe line. This method is much more cost effective than a VoIP tap if the customer only required a few recording lines. 50 or 100 seat centers can capture a random sample of audio, sufficient for a QA program, with as little as 4 recording lines.

Q: We’ve heard CSI is the first firm to offer Random Sampling using VoIP recording?
A: This is true. Similar to the random sample service observe concept, we are offering a VoIP random sample methodology. What this means is we can monitor hundreds of VoIP phones but randomly record, say, any 4 at one given time. This allows for a very cost effective on-demand or schedule based recording model that will ultimately capture the required audio without instituting exorbitant costs up front. This method is very easy to scale and offers a “Start Small Think Big” philosophy that is unmatched in the industry. Just imagine a 100 seat center purchasing 4 recording licenses and then adding more as necessary. That sounds very attractive.

Q: And of course you offer 100% Call Logging in a VoIP Environment?
A: Without a doubt. In fact probably the most cost effective, scalable solution on the market. Don’t forget, you can always find a better price. However, keep in mind Virtual Observer is truly an enterprise caliber system. The only companies in this market that can compete with us as far as audio recording, screen recording, multi-site implementations, e-Learning, Agent Evaluation and the whole gamut, can’t even come close to our pricing. And the companies that offer lower prices can’t scale and don’t offer the feature set we do.
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