8 ways we help our partners win projects

Supporting a partner channel in the highly competitive telecom and cloud services space requires a tremendous work attitude and eight key behaviors which should be expected from a partner:scale-cropped

– win over audiences with confident and memorable demonstrations

– delivering customized personal collateral to help educate prospects

– answering emails and calls during the evening hours

– displays extreme loyalty & uncompromised ethics

– flipping schedules upside down to accomodate a last minute demonstration request

– finding last minute order modifications to help close a deal

– writing rocksolid proposals with depth and clarity

– deliver intelligent and thorough scopes of work

– creating highly satisfied customers with bulletproof implementations, training and support

Of course there countless other actions and skills which combine to create a loyal, successful strategic alliance — it helps to have a world class enterprise WFO solution which supports 99% of the environments out there.


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About Coordinated Systems, Inc.

Established in 1972, Coordinated Systems, Inc. has consistently evolved our solutions over time and our business has thrived on building high quality long term relationships with customers and partners. We believe in building great customer experiences. This shows in every person we hire and in every interaction you will have with us.