Frequently Asked Questions – Contact Center Quality Monitoring

Virtual Observer from Connecticut’s Coordinated Systems, Inc., provides an unlimited number of evaluation forms which are fully customizable for user-defined quality scoring. 

The call recording and contact center quality monitoring solution supports the creation of an unlimited number of evaluation forms or QA scorecards. Users can start with the basic included forms, add different form structures, such as yes/no, true/false, numeric and responses can be weighted.  Color coding can be utilized to draw performance concerns to the naked eye and forms can be diverse for unique customer call types.

An integrated E-Learning feature is included, designed to deliver targeted training materials to agents via the bundled Agent Portal based on scoring outcome.  Training content can be delivered at the question level and/or the topic or category level.  The system can be setup, for example, to deliver targeted training to an agent should they score under 80% in a particular topic or category.  If, however, a particular question was setup as yes/no the system can deliver question specific training if no.  If a numeric score of 0-5 the system can be setup to deliver training if 3 or under.